Distance Online Training

This training can be modified to be delivered online for people who live remotely or in times of crisis. Please contact us if interested.

What is Lilith Bay?

The object of this program is to enrich and enhance the already existing practice of sexwork in such a way that it becomes trauma-informed and trauma-oriented. Our graduates will be able to recognize effects and symptoms of trauma in their clients, and help resource and regulate them. Through education and loving nurturance, sexworkers can enable their clients to enhance not only their erotic lives but also the quality of life in general by bringing focus to their sense of self, personal relationships, emotional regulation, and presence through embodiment.

Here’s the explanation in a nutshell.

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Lilith was the first woman Adam had, before Eve. She did not want to be Adam’s obedient wife, so she ran away.
The training is named Lilith Bay to honour Lilith‘s free spirit. The ‘Bay‘ in the title invokes the safety a bay offers a ship that faces stormy seas. In our times we both need the free spirited individual as well as a safe container to create a healing practice.